Coming from a web development background, I've worked on a few websites in the past. I'm also currently working on some for Andrea's research. Here are links and brief description of each.

My own website and the site you are currently looking at. There is more information here.

Doing online bereavement research sure is a lot easier with a husband who has a webserver and some skills, or so I've heard. :) Actually, although I originally developed the site, Paul graciously hosted it for the last year or so. We've since moved it to my webserver.

Andrea has been running surveys at this site as part of her MSc research. Most of the code is written in Perl and the look and feel is fairly basic. Future plans include updating the L&F and implementing more surveys.

This is Andrea's personal site. I'm not sure what she plans for this one. and

For a good chunk of my time at InfoInterActive I helped develop and maintain their websites for InternetCallManager. This not only included their direct sell website, but also many reseller websites which had to be branded and tweaked for the clients.

Later, I developed a web application framework that was used to develop and maybe some other websites of theirs. By the way, I was also heavily involved in the telephony side of the AOL CallAlert product.

Although I didn't design, I'm hosting the site on my server. Lance Timmons is an amazing digital photographer based out of Grand Bay, NB, which is close to Saint John. After graduating from the Alberta College of Art & Design in 2004, he and his wife moved back to New Brunswick where he is currently setting up his photography services company with many unique educational offerings. Lance also has an amazing portfolio and prints can be purchased through his site. Check out the site for more info.

This is a website I put together to express and develop my basic software development philosophy. Pliant software development is rooted in the idea that there is no way to know how to develop software in every situation. See the website for more info.